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The Private Capital Bazaar

Robertson & Foley raises capital for a variety of business purposes. We understand the private capital markets, perhaps better than any other firm in the U.S.

Private capital markets are much less efficient than their public counterparts. In fact, due to the lack of an organized market, private capital market solutions are created one deal at a time. In other words, private capital is assembled on a deal-by-deal basis, in a ballet that can aptly be described as financial hand-to-hand combat.

Yet, there is a structure of capital alternatives in the private markets. Due to their ad hoc nature, private markets are characterized by the following statement:

The Private Markets can be Thought of as an Outdoor Bazaar Rather than the Public Super Market of Securities

Nearly all capital alternatives are available in the private bazaar, but they are found in separate shops or discrete increments. Financing is difficult in the private markets because capital providers in the bazaar constantly move around and may or may not rely on prior transactions to make current decisions. Fortunately, as Private Capital Markets demonstrates, some organization to this bizarre bazaar can be discerned.

The principals at Robertson & Foley have the experience and street-smarts to navigate and negotiate the private capital bazaar. Whether the capitalization involves secured lending, mezzanine capital, private equity, or any other private capital type, we can engineer the most effective capital structure possible.

private capital markets

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